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Sophie Pollock

Sophie Pollock (1994 - ) is an aspiring contemporary artist known for her skill in painting soft atmospheric abstractions. She was born in Sikkim, a Northern state of India, and carries on the artistic legacy of her family, which now spans four generations of British artists. Guided artistically by her grandfather, Sophie has cultivated a profound cultural and artistic sensitivity that resonates in her work. Today, she works from her atelier in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

With years of experience and a clear artistic concept, Sophie Pollock has carved out her own personal style in the realm of contemporary art. Each of her paintings exudes an intimate abstract expression characterized by organic forms, vibrant colors, and soft interwoven brushstrokes while playing with intricate structured elements.

"With art, I strive to uplift and inspire dreams in the beholders; to move them from their current state into endless possibilities." Sophie Pollock, 2023

Drawing inspiration from the atmospheres she encounters in her surroundings and the dreams she envisions for the future, Sophie Pollock captures narratives of the past and those yet to be experienced. Her paintings evoke a sense of timelessness, transporting us to ethereal landscapes where dreams and reality intertwine in gentle harmony.

 Sophie Pollock's personal style is influenced by the wild brushstrokes of Cecily Brown, the vibrant color palettes and scenic beauty reminiscent of Monet, and the playful spirit of Miro. Through her unique blend of inspirations and unwavering commitment to her craft, Sophie Pollock invites you to embark on a transformative visual experience.

Sophie Pollock's artistic prowess has already garnered international acclaim, with her paintings being exhibited in galleries such as Sonia Monti Galerie in Paris, Van Gogh Art Gallery in Madrid, and the Luxembourg Art Fair (LUXEXPO) in 2022. Her works have found their way into private collections spanning the globe, from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland to Australia, Thailand, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Sophie Pollock Signature
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