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Inspired by love of the deepest oceans of human emotion and the most beautiful places across the world.

"The colour blue has a serene and calming feel, yet is dynamic and electric. A perfect choice for creating an atmosphere that both calms the mind and excites the heart"


Natural colours can bee combines in infinite ways and will fit in every way and with everything. They can be tranquil and give an understated yet extravagant feel.

"There are countless ways in which to combine natural colours. The strokes and textures draw attention together with the subtle palette"


From statement pieces with dark colours and contrasts - to more subtle and feminine lights and whites. When standing alone black and white artworks command attention through their unapologetic expressions.

"Black and white colours can be used as the utmost contrast or they can blend perfectly creating a multiple of shades and shadings."


From fires to sunsets and rises, the inspiration behind each piece ranges far. The boldness lends an exclusive and luxurious element to any space, infusing it with great energy.

"This palette is one of warmth and energy, creating a atmosphere of life, purpose and possibility"


 Inspired by the feeling of being fully alive, a sharp spring breeze that brushes over you with perspective and possibility. 

"A piece like this instantly brings beauty and love to any space and the people in it"