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"Lush" is an enchanting painting that captivates the viewer with its rich tapestry of green tones, interwoven with metallic gold and subtle hints of light blue. This piece is a masterful exploration of color and texture, inviting a deep and contemplative engagement with its intricate layers and vibrant palette.

At first glance, the artwork radiates a sense of vitality and abundance, the predominant green hues evoking the verdant exuberance of a thriving natural landscape. The metallic gold accents are integrated, adding a layer of opulence and depth to the composition. These golden elements catch the light, creating a mesmerizing interplay between the matte and reflective surfaces. The gold acts as a connective tissue, weaving through the green tones and adding a regal, almost mystical quality to the piece. It suggests a hidden richness beneath the surface, a treasure waiting to be discovered by those who look closely.


By employing a variety of techniques to create a tactile, almost three-dimensional surface, the painting itself seems growing and evolving. This textural complexity enhances the organic feel of the work, making it not just a visual experience but a sensory one.

  • Year


  • Dimensions

    100 x 150 cm

  • Medium

    Mixed Media on Canvas

  • Quality

    This piece of art is made with the high quality paint from Winsor & Newton, layered on canvas and finally varnished in order to make it last through centuries.

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