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The DNA of every unique artwork is an abundant attention to detail and determination for uniqueness. Each piece has the purpose of inspiring endless beauty and creating ambience – catching eyes and touching souls. The aim is to create art that combines timelessness, simplicity and dynamics along with touchable structure. This is all done in order to create one of a kind adornments for spaces, that elevate them through quality, craftmanship and outstanding beauty.
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 We can advise, support and answer any question you might have about one of our artworks or about custom art. We can help you deliver and transport your art safely, help you visualise what art will look like in your home, and advise you on the best art for you.

Grey Limbo
One of a kind pieces of art for you to fit your wants, needs and specific surroundings

From your ideas into reality. We have the ability to custom make pieces for you of your dreams.

You are always welcome to get in touch with us about
your unique needs.

"Our customised piece fit more perfectly to us, our style and home than we ourselves could have imagined. We are beyond happy."

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"Artist Sophie Pollock, creates bespoke pieces to suit your style and colour scheme as well as ready-made unique artworks. Her opulent works, using mixed media paints on canvas, infuse a lavish and rich feel to any room."

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Joy from painting the pieces comes from the fascination of creation – from how the blank canvas  becomes full of movement, light, depth and colour. How it expresses itself continuously seen through the beholding eye. Intent on art that continues to surprise and show new layers and details, to keep the viewers gaze. 



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