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"Soft" invites you to explore the beauty of vulnerability, the strength in sensitivity, and the power in being true to oneself. The artwork It is an ode to the power of softness itself—a celebration of its strength, its resilience, and its ability to inspire. 


As you stand before the artwork, allow yourself to be enveloped by its gentle embrace. Feel the warmth of its hues, the subtlety of its textures, and the richness of its depths. Let it serve as a reminder that strength does not always roar; sometimes, it whispers softly, yet its impact is profound.


In this captivating artwork, soft pinks, gentle yellows, and radiant metallic silver intertwine, creating a visual symphony that evokes feelings of tranquility and grace. The brushstrokes seem to dance across the canvas, effortlessly blending colors into a seamless continuum. 

  • Year


  • Dimensions

    100 x 150 cm

  • Medium

    Mixed Media on Canvas

  • Quality

    This piece of art is made with the high quality paint from Winsor & Newton, layered on canvas and finally varnished in order to make it last through centuries.

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